Sunday, December 13, 2015

BackConnect Without Router

Hello Guys ! I know many people wants to root server but their internet don't forward port :)

But Now you can BackConnect with any Internet Connections.

So, Just Follow me :-

1. Make account on

2. Build VM It'll take time.

3. Upload NetCat with wget Function in Terminal. Command : wget -O

4. Now Unzip netcat with this command : unzip
" Hurray ! We Install NetCat successfully :) "

5. Now execute this command : nc -lvp 1337

6. Now You'll see written " koding-vm-0 " in top left and in that option You'll see settings button.

7. Click on settings button and There You'll see Public IP,Copy that IP.

8. Now goto that Server in which you want to backconnect

9. Click on Network ( WSO Shell ) And now Paste Public IP in IP and Write 1337 in port and then click on connect.

10.Now go back to VM to see that it's connected or not. Execute this command : ls ( to check )

Yahooooooooo ! :D We Successfully BackConnect the server

Hope You Like my tutorial. Thanks to Kashmiri Cheetah